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Print Advertising vs. Internet Advertising

Print gets the message delivered wherever customers are and whatever they're doing! The Christian Business Guide goes directly to mailboxes with no spam filter, so you know they get delivered.

Why are print ads important?
Printing is still an important method of advertising. People tend to have a natural affinity for newspapers, magazines and directories, including pertinent advertising pieces they can save and read at their leisure. Printed ads are also perceived by readers as being credible, especially in familiar publications.

Print is an amazingly powerful tool!
We all see how print is shrinking and the internet is growing. Part of the trend is that many marketers are recommending email blasts instead of sending postcards; instead of advertising in print they recommend advertising online. It may be cheap, but that does not mean it gets the results you want. The internet is an amazingly powerful tool, but it will never replace print. The internet only reaches its customers when they are looking at a screen. You can place your printed message almost anywhere. You can hand someone a business card over dinner or a brochure at the mall.

Choosing both can be a good idea!
Businesses sometimes assume that they have to choose one or the other, when in reality, they can and should choose both. Print marketing is tried and tested. Few advertising strategies are as authentic and original as printed materials. Digital marketing is fast, effective and affordable, especially when reaching a global audience.

By using both methods, you can reach highly targeted individuals and create lasting impacts. Determining the context, the campaign, and your target audience will help you identify how to split ad dollars between print and digital advertising. Don’t base your decisions on which options are cheapest — base your decisions on what works best to reach your top consumers.

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