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Why Advertise with the Christian Business Guide

The Christian Business Guide is your directory to Christian-owned businesses. There are many businesses who advertise with us and they would also like to know more about your services, locations, and special offers within Christian communities.  We make it easy for them to find you year-round.  All directories distributed free of charge! Here are just a few good reasons to join us:

100% Distribution and Mailed via U.S. mail to all areas we serve:

– A personal copy is mailed or delivered to all advertisers in the directory.
– Individual preferred mailing list as requested.
– To Church families where church membership rosters have been obtained.
– To Pastors and staff of every bible believing church in the area covered by the directory.
– To cooperating Christian schools and bookstores.
– Distributed through businesses, selected locations, and Christian events via take one racks.
– Distributed through advertisers as requested, plus Christian groups and non-profit organizations.

Five Good Reasons Why:

  1. COST & AUDIENCE:   Advertising in the CHRISTIAN BUSINESS GUIDE costs substantially less than comparable display advertising in the Verizon Yellow Pages, and other targeted specialty directories. Here the distribution is primarily directed to a very loyal, redeemed, called out clientele looking for honest, dependable business people and professionals. Substantial mailings (over 59% of the Buxmont distribution) to homes, churches, businesses, and Christian schools comprise an important part of the network.
  2. IDENTIFICATION:    (Matthew 5:16) “we are to let our light shine before men.” The Lord honors obedience! By having a copy of the CBG in your place of business, and especially with your advertisement inside, you are saying that you are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Many have allowed the Christian Business Guide to provide a witnessing opportunity to a nonbeliever or as a bridge-building vehicle of fellowship unite the body of Christ (John 17).
  3. SHARE THE GOOD NEWS:    (Acts 1:8) Christ said, “And ye shall be witnesses unto Me.” Your representation in the Christian Business Guide gives you a unique opportunity to take a stand and witness for Christ in the business world while reaching the thousands of prospective customers with your advertisement all year long.
  4. LOVE, HONOR, AND PREFER THY BROTHER:    The Apostle Paul belabors the point; LOVE your brother (1 John 5:14) Honor your brother (Romans 12:12) and do good especially to your brother (Galatians 6:10). The Christian Business Guide provides an opportunity to the Christian businessperson and the Christian community to come together.
  5. PROSPER FOR THE LORD’S SAKE:    (3 John 2) Use the Christian Business Guide with faith that you may prosper and give back to the Lord even as he has given to us. Christian ministries here and across the world are supported as a result of advertising. Reinvest in God’s Kingdom by investing in the Christian Business Guide!