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Grow Your Business with the Christian Business Guide Directories!

“CBG Customer Testimonials”

Here’s what our advertisers are saying! There are many success stories with area advertisers. The Christian community wants to know about you. Take a stand today and send us a message about your results.

Simply send us an email and we’ll add it here.  Thank you in advance!

  1. ALLEN ELLIS of CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE CONTRACTORS, INC. praises the Lord with at least 30 people responding to his entries in the directory. Glory be to God!
  2. RON LUCAS of Wetherill Hearing Aid Associates reported 2 sales in the first year of advertising, multiplying his investment manifold.
  3. Contractor – JOSEPH HINES attributes over half of his calls as a result of advertising in the Christian Business Guide.
  4. Mover – JOHN GEHMAN gained 9 calls in the first 3 weeks of distribution; his ad paid for itself promptly!
  5. Contractor – JAMES J. KELLY III attributes 35% to 40% of his business from his display ads and various headings in the CHRISTIAN BUSINESS GUIDE.
  6. DAVID CALDWELL of Christian Builders Home Remodeling reported a $6,000.00 job and 90% of all business from his advertisement in the CHRISTIAN BUSINESS GUIDE.
  7. TOM HOUPT of B & H Solariums and Estates Chimney Sweep comments that his advertisement pays…and he began with us in the 1985 edition!
  8. Dentist – DR. ELSIE CASIMIR is pleased and praising God about the response from the CHRISTIAN BUSINESS GUIDE…another advertiser exceeding the Verizon Yellow Pages returns.
  9. Podiatrist – DR. JOHN J. ORLANDO, JR., advertiser since 1984, comments that more and more people are responding and mentioning the CHRISTIAN BUSINESS GUIDE with both believers and unbelievers using and saving the directories over the years.
  10. ANTHONY CARDI from AN ELEGANT AFFAIR BRIDAL & TUXEDO GALLERY writes to us : “Your yellow pages looks very nice this year. We have been seeing a good response. Keep up the good work.” Praise God!
  11. PAUL KOLLMEYER- Retired Entrepreneur, prior to selling his business, kindly commented, “I have matured spiritually by observing your operation.”
  12. Jim Smith of CARPETSMITH received a $5,000.00 job from his ad in the CHRISTIAN BUSINESS GUIDE directory.